Continuous Partial Listening: Holly Herndon in Conversation

Excerpt/ One thing that I am beginning to focus on more and more is creating new options, new fantasies. We are in an odd situation where music classified as experimental has a larger platform than I have ever seen, and yet music itself seems to be as politically and culturally inconsequential as I have ever known it to be. There are many reasons for this, however I think one major culprit is that our current modes of expressing emotion, eroticism, intelligence, contemplation, etc. are so quantified and stale—we seem to be happy to find new and shiny ways to communicate the same things. I’m interested in creating new options, and new fantasies, for music—which again speaks to an awareness of the “here and now.” What roles can music now play that we could not have previously imagined? This discussion appears to be more advanced in visual arts, computer science, and design, and I feel like music is long overdue a reevaluation in that respect.

— “Continuous Partial Listening: Holly Herndon in Conversation” in Rhizome, January 22, 2014