Samara Golden: A Trap in Soft Division
#Exhibitions / VENUE Yerba Buena Center for the Arts / LOCATION San Francisco, CA / DATES March 11–May 29, 2016 / URL / BROCHURE / PRESS


Samara Golden creates dreamlike, immersive environments that attempt to stage what she describes as the sixth dimension, a place where the future, present, and past exist simultaneously. The Los Angeles-based artist says that her works “gesture toward materializing the impossible” through a shared experience between artist and audience. Permeated with raw emotion, her installations use mirrors, video, sound, and handmade sculptures to create a hypnotic, hallucinatory space that draws the viewer in completely.

Commissioned by YBCA, A Trap in Soft Division is the artist’s largest installation to date. This new project explores isolation in the contemporary era, questioning the status of human connection when we are paradoxically both more in touch and more removed from one another than ever before. Coalescing numerous individual scenes into one cinematic space, the work’s narrative strategy is open, allowing the viewer to navigate multiple vantage points at once. This effect summons a conflicting range of feelings, from comfort to fear. Psychologically stirring and complex, Golden’s monumental installation stages a transformative encounter with a vast unknown.