#Exhibitions / VENUE Seventeen Gallery / LOCATION London, UK / DATE May 17 – June 23 2012 / URL

Participating artists: Kari Altmann, Merce Cunningham, Harm van den Dorpel, Michael Guidetti, Oliver Laric, Mark Leckey, Sean Raspet, Emanuel Rossetti, Hito Steyerl, Artie Vierkant

Description The object that exists in motion spans different points, relations, and existences but always remains the same thing. Like the digital file, the bootlegged copy, the icon, or Capital, it reproduces, travels, and accelerates, constantly negotiating the different supports that enable its movement. As it occupies these different spaces and forms it is always reconstituting itself. It doesn’t have an autonomous singular existence; it is only ever activated within the network of nodes and channels of transportation. Both a distributed process and an independent occurrence, it is like an expanded object ceaselessly circulating, assembling, and dispersing. To stop it would mean to break the whole process, infrastructure or chain that propagates and reproduces it. The object in motion becomes the simultaneous obfuscation and revelation of the points that sustain it. It’s both completely transparent and completely mediated. Transparent because it ignores the different instantiations and embodiments that require it to exist across a material infrastructure and mediated because of its dependency on these multiple parts to exist at all. It flows through networked channels, forgetting any idea of a singular autonomy. Curated by Ceci Moss and Tim Steer


VENUE Seventeen Gallery
DATE May 17 – June 23 2012